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-15 to 24 years old
-In original or close to original condition

Street rods & modifieds
-At least 20 years old or a replica of
a      vehicle 20 years old or older
-Extensive mechanical or
cosmetic           alteration from its
original condition
-25 years older
-In original or close to original condition

-14 years old or less
-Luxury performance cars
-Considered collectibles
-Appreciating in value
Question of the day:
What is 'agreed value,' and the benefits of this coverage option?
Agreed Value guarantees that in the event of a total loss, we will pay you the full amount of coverage
listed on your policy for your vehicle. Depreciation and subjective valuation on your vehicles is
eliminated. The concept is simple - if your vehicle is insured for $15,000, and it is totaled by a
covered peril, you receive $15,000 minus any deductible, if applicable.
Many insurers sell what is called “Stated Value” policies, which is inferior protection.
This coverage states you will receive “up to” the value listed for the vehicle in a total loss, but does
not guarantee the full amount will be paid.
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